The Purple Kitchen - real food education

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The Purple Kitchen was a pioneering cookery school and was the first in the country for under fives and their parents to attend on a weekly basis.

The Purple Kitchen was established by Kate Morris and Sally Brown, who are passionate about getting young children involved with food and cooking. 

Between 2003 and 2012  we ran cookery classes for the under 5s in Buckinghamshire.We reached over 1000 families and taught  up to five classes a week.

Sadly we stopped holding regular classes in 2012.


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What we're doing now

In 2008 we were commissioned for our first children’s television series - I Can Cook! As co-devisors and series consultants we made four series and 104 programmes for CBeebies and BBC Worldwide channels.

We have published four books I Can Cook (2010); I Can Cook from the Garden (2012); Get Cooking in the Classroom (2014) and The World in My Kitchen (2016).

In February 2018, our new series, My World Kitchen launches on CBeebies. Working as co-devisors and series consultants to Terrific Television, this new series celebrates the food children from a rich diversity of backgrounds like to cook, grow and eat. 

For more details about Sally Brown and Kate Morris including our books and consultancy, please visit our website


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